Wei-Wei Lin // Graphic Design

Ampersand Conference 2016


BRANDING // March 2016


An Annual Arts & Science Conference

The McGill Ampersand Conference is an annual conference of speakers, activities and workshops geared towards the Arts & Science faculty at McGill University.

Each conference has a theme – in 2016, the theme was "What does it mean to be human in the age of Big Data?"

The Challenge

How do we update the brand to appeal to a contemporary university-age audience while remaining professional?

How do we integrate the theme of Big Data without implementing specific imagery that may clash with future themes?

The Design Solution

Bold typography and a bright colour palette work together to create an attention-grabbing presence both in print and on social media.

The ampersand motif was kept to maintain consistency, but updated to match the new typography and colour palette.

Good design practices such as consistency of branding across all design collateral elevated the brand to a new degree of professionalism.

This was especially pertinent in communications with businesses and investors who were potential event sponsors.

We reinforced the professionalism of our brand by applying the same philosophy to volunteer appearance on the day of the event.

Branded lanyards helped combat the often misguided perception that student-run events aren't professional or put-together.

Drawing inspiration from aesthetics influenced by Big Data and the internet, elements of glitch art and ASCII art were incorporated into the brand as background elements and collateral material to enhance but not distract from the brand.

A recognisable image of McGill campus was altered to fit the brand with a saturated duotone and glitch effect.